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Live vs Online Poker

What do you prefer - live or online poker? It's the same game, but both play out very differently, and knowing how to adapt your game to suit the conditions is vital in order to become a winning poker player. Let's take a look at what changes you should look to make when playing live or online poker.

Live Poker

By "live poker" we are referring to the traditional format for poker which is when players sit around a table together, often inside safe casinos or poker rooms, you get physical chips to wager with, real cards to squeeze, and you get to stare down your opponents just like in the movies. More many, it's the most enjoyable form of poker because you get to interact with real people, share some drinks and laughs, and generally have a lot of fun.

Depending on your setting you may see a variety of styles in play. If this is a home game, then it's likely there will be some loose play as people like to splash around and have some fun. Often the stakes are a bit friendlier and players are more interested in having a good time than winning money. Well, winning money is definitely a good time, so a good approach is to join in on the drinks and laughs, while potentially concealing your tight, solid game play. Tight is right in these games, and if you can get away with being a little nitty, you're sure to catch out your opponent's mistimed bluffs as they go for the adventurous hero play!
If you're in a casino, then the game will no doubt play a little more serious. In the lower limits, you're likely to be facing a diverse range of opponents. Typically, there will be live grinders who love nothing more than playing very snug and waiting patiently. It's something that's hard to do in a live setting, so credit to them. If they wait patiently enough, they'll probably be rewarded by a recreational player who doesn't know what they are doing. They aren't looking to win money on other good players, they are just preying on the fish.

Fish are easy to beat. But if your game is strong enough, you can also grind down the grinders. Stay aggressive and put pressure on them in good spots where you have strong equity. Mix in some check-raises, and bets when you're drawing, and you'll win plenty of ammo from these grinders. Then when the fish sit down, you'll be able to cash in against them as well!

Online Poker

Nowadays, online poker is a different beast. In the past, you would find a healthy amount of fish floating around the tables and there was plenty for everyone to feed upon. However the seas have dried up and now it's harder and harder to find good games to play in. Of course, in Australia, it's hard to find any games at all thanks to recent legislation changes!

If you do play online, then game selection becomes crucial. It's so easy to jump from game to game, from table to table, from seat to seat. Don't be stubborn. If a game is tough, then accept it and move on. Find another table. It's just a click of a button. There's no reason to be playing in a game that is unfavourable. You'll bleed money and if you chase your losses, you'll be digging an even bigger hole.

Think about the styles of your opponents and try to find favourable conditions. A game where you have a weaker player to your direct right is ideal as you'll be playing a lot of pots against them, you can isolate against them and you'll also be in position on most occasions.

Just remember that it doesn't matter whether you're playing live or online poker, the game still the same but you need to adapt your own game to suit the conditions. Click here for more info at newzealand casinos. Make sure that your game is adaptable between tight/solid and loose/aggressive in order to maximise your profits wherever you play!

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